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ㄍㄠˇ [gao3.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  (Vern.) do, be engaged in (some task), carry out, busy oneself with, eke out a living;
to play (tricks): 得不壞 be doing quite well, can make a decent living;
近來得怎麼樣 how have you been doing lately? 這幾天些甚麼 what have you been busying with in the last few days? 了半天也沒好 have been trying to fix s.t. up for a long time but have not succeeded;
他又在鬼 he is again playing one of his tricks;
錢 make money;
政治 to play politics;
花樣 to play tricks, cheat, deceive;
不通 can never make sense of s.t.;
不清 perplexed, to wonder;
報紙 run a newspaper.
(2)  Disrupt, stir up, demoralize, make a mess of : 這消息得人心不安 the news has had the effect of demoralizing the people, has made people jittery;
被你亂了 you've disrupted everything.
Words1.垮 [gao2kua3], v.t., to destroy, to disrupt, overthrow (s.o. in position).