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ㄅㄢ [ban1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
VMove (furniture, luggage): 家 move to another house;
出去 take away (usu. heavy object);
到那裡去 where are you moving or taking (the things) to? 去 move back and forth;
磚砸腳 phr., one’s own doing (drop brick on one's own foot);
弄是非 phr., carry tales.
Words1.不倒兒 [ban1bu0dao3er0], n., doll that always rights itself up= 不倒翁. 
2.場 [ban1chang2], n. & v.i., house removal. 
3.指兒 [ban1zhe0er0], n., heavy finger ring, orig. for protection of archer's finger. 
4.配 [ban1pei4], adj., be well-matched in marriage (also wr. 般配,班配). 
5.子 [ban1zi0], n., bottle opener; a wrench. 
6.演 [ban1yan3], v.t., =扮演 10A.50. 
7.運 [ban1yUn4], n. & v.t., transport (goods, luggage); 運費 [ban1yUn4fei4], transportation charges.