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ㄙㄡ [sou1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
VTo search, ransack: [sou1suo3]↓;
購 collect, select for purchase.
Words1.捕 [sou1bu3], v.t., search and arrest (criminal). 
2.查 [sou1cha2], v.t., to search (house, etc.). 
3.求 [sou1qiu2] (also [sou1qiu0]), v.t., to hunt for (evidence, etc.). 
4.括 [sou1gua1], v.t., to loot (valuables, etc.), take away by force. 
5.檢 [sou1jian3], v.t., to search for (illegal goods). 
6.緝 [sou1ji4], v.t., to issue warrant for escaped (convicts, etc.). 
7.集 [sou1ji2], v.t., to collect (articles, rare editions, stamps, ores). 
8.看 [sou1kan4], v.t., (MC) to inspect (place). 
9.羅 [sou1luo0] ([sou1lou0]), v.t., to collect from various sources. 
10.拿 [sou1na2], v.t., see [sou1bu3]↑. 
11.尋 [sou1xUn2] (also [sou1xUn0]), v.t., to search. 
12.索 [sou1suo3], v.t., to search (hidden articles, etc.). 
13.討 [sou1tao3], v.t., to examine and study (doctrines, etc.). 
14.剔 [sou1ti1], v.t., to pick, select; to weed out (textual errors).