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ㄙㄠ [sao1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To rub gently (skin), to scratch (itch): [sao1yang3]↓;
(2)  U.f. 騷 to be restless: [sao1dong4]↓.
Words1.動 [sao1dong4], v.i., (=騷動) to swirl in commotion, become restless. 
2.爬 [sao1pa2], v.t., to scratch (itch). 
3.擾 [sao1rao3](1)  v.t., v.t., to loot, despoil (land); (2)  adj., (land, people) disrupted, restless. 
4.首 [sao1shou3], v.i., to scratch the head in thinking; 首踟躕 ditto; 首弄姿 (of woman) to giggle and flirt, see [sao1tou2]↓. 
5.頭 [sao1tou2], v.i., (1)  ditto; (2)  n., an article of woman's hair decoration. 
6.癢 [sao1yang3], v.i., to scratch an itch.