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ㄑㄧㄤˇ [qiang3 (*ㄑㄧㄤ [qiang1).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To rob, loot, take by violence: 奪,[qiang3duo2], [qiang3lUe4]↓;
親 capture bride from bride's family for wedding (by those too poor to pay for ceremony), see [qiang3hun1]↓;
東西 scramble for things in a riot or fracas;
來的 obtained by loot or scramble.
(2)  To wrangle for first place: 先 compete in being the first to;
前發言 (several persons) try to speak first;
盡鏡頭 phr., steal the spotlight;
出風頭 try to outshine others.
(3)  To rush in an emergency: 上幾步 rush forward a few steps;
修河隄 rush to repair dykes;
購物品 rush to buy up things (anticipating higher prices, etc.);
(4)  To bruise: 破皮 bruise skin.
(5)  To sharpen (knives, scissors).
(6)  (*[qiang1]) To brave: 風 brave the wind;
鋒陷陣 to smash into enemy ranks.
(7)  (*[qiang1] or *[chuang3]) 頭地 knock head on the ground.
Words1.案 [qiang3an4], n., a case of robbery. 
2.背 [qiang3bei4], v.i., (old opera) a way of somersault landing on one's back. 
3.白 [qiang3bo2], v.t., berate (person) openly, cut short abruptly: 被他白了一頓 was cut short by him rudely, berated. 
4.奪 [qiang3duo2], v.i. & t., to loot; to wrangle for (profit, power, territory). 
5.鋒 [qiang3feng1], v.i., (callig.) a stroke made by reversing tip of brush, dist. 順鋒. 
6.購 [qiang3gou4], v.t., to rush to buy, anticipating scarcity. 
7.婚 [qiang3hun1], v.i., to kidnap or carry off a woman and marry her. 
8.紅 [qiang3hong2], n., a form of dice game. 
9.劫 [qiang3jie2], v.t., to rob, commit robbery. 
10.救 [qiang3jiu4], v.t., rush to save (from fire, flood). 
11.掠(略) [qiang3lUe4], v.t., to loot (town, village). 
12.嘴 [qiang2zui3], v.t., (several persons) shout and talk in confusion.