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ㄧㄠˊ [yao2.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
VTo shake, quake, wag, flutter: [yao2dong4]↓;
去 to rock (as a cradle), to swing (as pendulum);
頭,首 shake one's head;
尾 to wag (dog's tail);
尾乞憐 to beg like a dog;
唇鼓舌, see [yao2she2]↓;
oft. coupled with 晃 [yao2huang0] and 擺 [yao2bai3]↓;
旗吶喊 to wave the flag and shout, oft. said of political followers;
身一變 shake and be transformed by magic.
Words1.擺 [yao2bai3], v.i., to stagger, to walk with a swinging gait: 擺擺 walk thus, esp. with an air of importance; 頭擺尾 waggling tail to please the master. 
2.板 [yao2ban3], n., (Chin. opera) a continuing slow rhythm without definite beat (also called 散板). 
3.錢樹 [yao2qian2shu4], n., a “money tree” which sheds coins upon shaking--a singsong girl binging lots of income for madam. 
4.船 [yao2chuan2], v.i., to row a boat. 
5.動 [yao2dong4], v.i. & t., (1)  to cause to move by touch or pull; (2)  to be pried loose, to lose stability of position (also 動 ); to wave. 
6.滾舞 [yao2gun3wu3], n., rock-and-roll dance. 
7.撼 [yao2han0], v.t., to shake (branches), to cause displacement. 
8.晃 [yao2huang0], v.i., (of flags) to flutter, sway; to walk with swaying motion, oft.with cultivated air of importance: 兒晃兒 ([huang3])的 walking with affected swing and sway. 
9.會 [yao2hui4], n., an old-style mutual loan club, the monthly sum going to highest bidder of interest. 
10.籃(兒) [yao2lan2]([yuarla2er0]), n., a cradle. 
11.舌 [yao2she2], v.i., to wag one's tongue, to talk glibly. 
12.手(兒) [yao2shou3]1([er0]), v.i., to make a hand motion showing disapproval. 
13.首 [yao2shou3]2, v.i., to shake one's head in disapproval. 
14.攤 [yao2tan1], n., a gambling game played with four dice in a bowl; the game being to guess the total number being a multiple of four (4) , or any remainder (1, 2, or 3). 
15.頭 (兒) [yao2tou2]([er0]), v.i., to shake one's head in disapproval. 
16. [yao2yao2], adj. & adv., shaky, -ily. 
17.曳 [yao2yi4], v.i., to flutter in the wind, to walk with a swing. 
18.椅 [yao2yi3], n., a rocking chair.