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ㄏㄠˋ [hao4 (*ㄏㄠˊ [hao2). [Var. ]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  A name, esp. poetic name for person: 國 dynastic title;
person's extra name (oft. poetic and chosen by person himself);
Taoist monastic name;
Buddhist monastic name (in last two cases, clan or surname is dropped).
(2)  A mark, an arithmetic figure: 符 a punctuation mark;
a mark;
full stop, period;
quotation marks;
感歎 exclamation mark;
question mark;
(連字) hyphen;
破折 dash.
(3)  or 碼 number in series: 第幾 what number (of house, post box);
門牌碼 house number;
serial number referring to persons: 病 patient's number in hospital.
(4)  Name of shop or firm: 商,店 ditto;
(court.) your shop or firm.
(5)  An order, esp. military: [hao4ling4]↓;
prearranged signal;
secret password;
password, also slogan.
V(1)  To entitle, to claim: 稱三萬兵, claim or allege to be 30,000 strong;
為酒中八仙 were called the “Eight Immortals of Wine.”
(2)  (*[hao2]) To cry aloud: 喪,[hao4sang1], [hao4tao2]↓.
Words1.兵 [hao4bing1], n., (mil.) bugler. 
2.單 [hao4dan1], n., ticket with serial number. 
3.燈 [hao4deng1], n., (mil.) flash signal. 
4.房 [hao4fang2], n., (1)  formerly, the reception clerk in office or house, similar to concierge; (2)  serially numbered room (as in civil examinations); reception or registration room in house or office. 
5.召 [hao4zhao4], v.t., to call for supporters, to attract (followers) through prestige or political platform. 
6.角 [hao4jiao3], n., a bugle, a horn. 
7.哭 *[hao2ku1], v.i., to cry aloud, wail. 
8.令 [hao4ling4], n. & v.i. & t., (1)  an order, to issue an order; (2)  ([hao4ling0]) formerly, a public execution. 
9.碼 [hao4ma3], n., mark; serial number; 碼機 a numbering machine. 
10.脈 [hao4mo4], v.i., (Northern dial. of physicians) to examine patients by feeling pulse. 
11. [hao4pao4], n., gun signal. 
12.喪 *[hao2sang1], v.i., to cry at funeral; (derog.) to yell (as if at funeral). 
13.數(兒) [hao4shu4]([er0]), n., serial number; number (of persons, things). 
14.咷 *[hao2tao2], v.i., to scream, yell. 
15.頭(兒) [hao4tou2]([er0]), n., (1)  a mark or number; (2)  a foreman. 
16.筒 [hao4tong2], n., a bugle. 
17.外 [hao4wai4], n., extra edition of papers. 
18.衣 [hao4yi1], n., formerly, uniform.