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ㄆㄥˋ [peng4. [Pop. form of ]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To run into, encounter, chance upon: 見老朋友 run into an old friend;
不著 didn't meet him.
(2)  Knock against, cause damage by collision: 破,壞,傷 knock and break (bowl, etc.);
撞 collide with another car or boat;
釘子,一鼻子灰 knock against a nail with a bare hand, knock one's nose into ashes, i.e., receive serious rebuff in speaking to high personage;
鼻轉彎, to change after getting one's finger burned;
壁 run into a blind alley.
(3)  To have a try at it: 運氣 try one's luck.
(4)  Run into bad luck: 了=釘子, see 2↑;
make a mistake in opera singing or acting: 她了.
Words1.場 [peng4chang2], v.i., combine two meetings in one. 
2.巧 [peng4qiao3], v.i., happen to, it happens that: 巧他不在家 he happened to be away. 
3.面 [peng4mian4], v.i., meet headlong. 
4.頭 [peng4tou2], v.i., (dial.) meet (of friends); 頭好兒 enthusiastic applause of audience on actor’s, actress's entrance to stage; enthusiastic reception of first novel, etc. 
5.瓷兒 [peng4ci2er0], n., racketeer who claims damage by carrying broken porcelain and dropping it on encounter; one who tries to create an accident.