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ㄅㄟ [bei1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NA stone tablet: 墓 tombstone.
Words1.版 [bei1ban3], n., see [bei1ji4]↓. 
2.額 [bei1e2], n., inscription at top of tablet. 
3.碣 [bei1jie2], n., stone inscription. 
4.記 [bei1ji4], n., inscriptions on a tablet, recording an event. 
5.誌 [bei1zhi4], n., ditto. 
6.林 [bei1lin2], n., collection of anc. tablets housed in Si-an, Shensi. 
7.銘 [bei1ming2], n., inscriptions on tablet. 
8.帖 [bei1tie4], n., rubbings from ancient tablets, used as models of calligraphy. 
9.亭 [bei1ting2], n., a pavilion housing a tablet. 
10.文 [bei1wen2], n., inscribed text on tablet. 
11.陰 [bei1yin1], n., the back face of a tablet.