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ㄉㄧㄥˇ [ding3.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Tripod, a sacrificial or commemorative vessel: 足 on three legs;
足而三,足之勢 a situation dominated by three powerful rivals;
立,峙 ditto.
(2)  As symbol of dynasty: 祚,運 the destiny of a state;
革 change of dynasty;
hence 新 change, presenting new aspect;
see 沸,[ding3fu4], [ding3nai4]↓.
AdjWeighty, carrying weight, important: 力,[ding3li4], [ding3yan2]↓;
prosperous: [ding3sheng4]↓.
Words1. [ding2ding3], adj., very important in 大名 great reputation. 
2.沸 [ding3fu4], adj., boiling (turmoil). 
3.輔 [ding2fu3], n., high minister of state. 
4.革 [ding3ge2], n. & v.i., change of dynasty. 
5.鑊 [ding3hu4], n., cauldron (without legs); ancient punishment by boiling. 
6.甲 [ding2jia3], n., first three names in national civil examination. 
7.力 [ding3li4], v.i., (court.) use one's great strength to support: 力扶持. 
8.鼐 [ding3nai4], n., (1)  cooking vessels; (2)  office of prime minister. 
9.盛 [ding3sheng4], adj., strong, in the prime of life: 春秋盛. 
10.新 [ding3xin1], v.i., make gen. reform, gen. change. 
11.言 [ding3yan2], n., (LL) weighty advice, from 言重九 one's word carries weight of nine tripods.