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ㄘˊ [ci2.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Magnetism: [ci2qi4]1↓;
性,石,[ci2xing4], [ci2shi2], [ci2zhen1]↓.
(2)  U.f porcelain, 80.70: [ci2qi4]2↓.
Words1.場 [ci2chang3], n., (phys.) magnetic field. 
2.氣 [ci2qi4]1, n., (phys.) magnetic force: 地氣 terrestrial magnetism; 氣感應 magnetic induction; 氣赤道 magnetic equator. 
3.器 [ci2qi4]2, n., porcelain, chinaware. 
4.電 [ci2dian4], n., (phys.) electromagnetism. 
5.針 [ci2zhen1], n., magnetic needle. 
6.極 [ci2ji2], n., (phys.) magnetic pole. 
7.軸 [ci2zhou2], n., (phys.) magnetic axis. 
8.力 [ci2li4], n., (phys.) magnetic force: 力線 line of magnetic force. 
9.性 [ci2xing4], n., magnetism, magnetic properties. 
10.實 [ci2shi0], adj., (coll.) substantial, well-built, solid (house). 
11.石 [ci2shi2], n., loadstone; 石棍 or 條 bar magnet. 
12.條 [ci2tiao2], n., bar magnet. 
13.鐵 [ci2tie3], n., magnetic iron, magnet: 馬蹄鐵 horseshoe magnet; 圓條鐵 cylindrical magnet.