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ㄅㄧˋ [bi4.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NJade, a precious stone usu. of greenish color: 玉 white jade with green tints.
Adj(Poet.) blue, azure, greenish blue: 海 blue sea;
雲 bluish clouds;
空,落,漢,霄,虛 the blue sky.
Words1.蘭 [bi4lan2], n., (bot.) greenish orchid. 
2.蘿春 [bi4luo2chun1], n., a special brand of tea. 
3.綠 [bi4lU4], adj., beautifully green (lawn, sea, etc.). 
4.紗廚 [bi4sha1chu2], n., a bed-like compartment, covered with gauze to keep out mosquitoes. 
5.血 [bi4xUe4], n., blood of those who died in war or love: 血丹心 (praise of) loyalty until death. 
6.桃 [bi4tao2], n., (bot.) a kind of peach=千葉桃. 
7.瓦 [bi4wa3], n., glazed tiles=琉璃瓦. 
8.梧 [bi4wu2], n., (bot.) the plane tree. 
9.眼 [bi4yan3], adj., blue-eyed. 
10.玉 [bi4yU4], n., (min.) jasper; 小家玉 pretty daughter of simple family, buxom lass.