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ㄕˊ [shi2 (re. pr. ㄕㄨㄛ [shuo1).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
Adj(1)  Big, large, great: 大,量,[shi2da4], [shi2liang4], [shi2guo3]↓;
(feast) rich;
,肥 (person) bodily big, stout, corpulent, obese, robust, sturdy.
(2)  Great, scholarly: 儒,[shi2ru2], [shi2shi4]↓;
畫 great plan;
交 (LL) a great friend.
Words1.大 [shi2da4], n., large: 大無朋 exceptionally large. 
2.輔 [shi2fu3], n., (LL) a great minister. 
3.果 [shi2guo3], n., as in 果僅存 one of the few still left. 
4.老 [shi2lao3], n., an old venerable scholar. 
5.量 [shi2liang4], n., great capacity. 
6.人 [shi2ren2], n., (AC) (1)  a beauty; (2)  a hermit scholar. 
7.儒 [shi2ru2], n., a great Confu. scholar. 
8.士 [shi2shi4], n., (1)  a Master of Arts (M.A.); (2)  (AC) great scholar. 
9.學 [shi2xUe2], n. & adj., scholar, -ly: 學通儒,學鴻儒 a profound scholar. 
10.望 [shi2wang4], n., (LL) great reputation. 
11.言 [shi2yan2], n., (LL) a boast, exaggeration.