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ㄓㄨㄥˇ [zhong3 (*ㄓㄨㄥˋ [zhong4).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  ([zhong3zi0], [er0]) Seed: [zhong3zi3]↓;
,布 sow seeds;
Royal descendants, progeny;
接代 that the family line may continue from generation to generation;
子 sterile seeds.
(2)  Race: [zhong3zu2]↓;
pure breed, purebred;
(abuse) bastard, hybrid;
混血 mixed blood;
,黃,黑,紅 the White, Yellow, Black, Brown (red Indian) Race;
,異 same, different, race.
(3)  Vaccine, graft: 痘 ditto;
to graft (trees).
(4)  Kind, sort, variety, species: 別,[zhong3bie2], [zhong3lei4]↓;
人等,各禮物 different or all kinds of people, gifts;
special kind;
(5)  Breed: 好,壞 good, bad breed;
a weak breed;
progeny, descendants;
(abuse) “bad egg,” “bastard.”
V(*[zhong4]) To plant, sow, cultivate: 植,地,[zhong4zhi2], [zhong4di4], [zhong4tian2]↓;
花 cultivate flowers;
米 plant rice;
莊稼 plant different grains;
魚 raise fish (in nursery);
瓜得瓜,麥得麥 reap as one has sown;
(fig.) 德 cultivate virtue which has its rewards;
下惡果,禍 sow seeds of future trouble.
Words1.別 [zhong3bie2], n., variety, species, race. 
2.切 [zhong3qie4], n., (LL, esp. in letters) different things: 聆悉切 have learned different news; 切情形 (report of ) various aspects of things. 
3.地 *[zhong4di4], v.i., to farm land. 
4.痘 *[zhong4dou4], n. & v.t., to vaccinate, -tion. 
5. [zhong2zhong3], adj., different kinds of (reasons, causes, results, etc.). 
6.植 *[zhong4zhi2], n. & v.i., planting; to plant; 植園 plantation; flower nursery. 
7.類 [zhong3lei4], n., classes, kinds, varieties (of plants, fish, flowers, etc.). 
8.落 [zhong3luo4], n., a settlement (of people), a tribe. 
9.田 *[zhong4tian2], v.i., see [zhong4di4]↑. 
10.族 [zhong3zu2], n., race, tribe: 族不同 of different race or tribe; 族隔離 apartheid (in South Africa); 族歧視 racial discrimination; 族偏見 racial prejudice. 
11.子 [zhong2zi3], n., seed, see N.1↑. 
12.因 *[zhong4yin1], v.i., (Budd.) “sow the cause” and reap consequences. 
13.玉 *[zhong4yU4], v.i., (LL) as in 藍田玉 (allu.) to give birth to sons or (court.) give worthy son to worthy father.