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ㄐㄧㄥ [jing1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Essence, extract: 味 flavor essence, monosodium glutamate;
咖啡 instant coffee;
alcohol, spirit(s) of wine;
[jing1hua2], [jing1yao4], [jing1yi4], [jing1zui4]↓.
(2)  Ethereal beings, genie: 妖 demon, devil, a woman with too much make-up;
[jing1ling2], [jing1guai4]↓;
a gnome, a leprechaun;
狐狸 (contempt.) a vixen, a spiteful woman, a sexy woman;
a snake spirit.
(3)  Bodily secretion, semen: [jing1ye4], [jing1zi3], [jing1chao2]↓;
,流 involuntary discharge of semen, have a wet dream.
(4)  Mental or moral attitude: [jing1](')[shen2], [jing1li4]↓.
Adj(1)  Fine (opp. 粗 coarse): [jing1xi4], [jing1qiao3], [jing1zhi4]2[jing1mei3], [jing1mi4]↓;
益求 always endeavoring to do still better.
(2)  Unmixed, refined: [jing1chun2]↓;
specializing in.
(3)  Unclothed, unclad: [jing1guang1]↓;
赤條條 naked, nude.
AdvVery, extremely, exceedingly: 溼 soaked through;
窄兒 exceptionally narrow;
瘦 all skin and bone;
小 minute, infinitesimal.
Words1.白 [jing1bai2], adj., pure and clean. 
2.兵 [jing1bing1], n., crack troops. 
3.巢 [jing1chao2], n., (physiol.) the spermary, the testicles. 
4.誠 [jing1cheng2], adj., earnest and sincere. 
5.巧 [jing1qiao3], adj., skillful, delicate, cleverly made. 
6.氣 [jing1qi4], n., (1)  (Chin.) the vital principle in man; n., (2)  (Budd., Taoism) vitality, virility. 
7.勤 [jing1qin2], adj., persevering, industrious, diligent. 
8.純 [jing1chun2], adj., pure, unalloyed, unmixed. 
9.蟲 [jing1chong2], n., (physiol.) sperms. 
10.確 [jing1qUe4], adj., accurate, precise. 
11.到 [jing1dao4], adj., meticulously exact. 
12.怪 [jing1guai4], n., evil spirits, ghosts, phantoms, spooks. 
13.光 [jing1guang1](1)  adj., stripped of everything, stark naked; (2)  n., vigor. 
14.工 [jing1gong1], adj., & n. (of) fine workmanship. 
15.悍 [jing1han4], adj., capable, sharp, vigorous. 
16.覈 [jing1he2], adj., carefully checked. 
17.華 [jing1hua2], n., essence, the cream or best part. 
18.進 [jing1jin4], adj., (1)  pushing, aggressive, enterprising; (2)  vigorous, energetic; (3)  (Budd.) making earnest efforts to cultivate virtue and get rid of evil. 
19.忠 [jing1zhong1], adj., loyal and patriotic. 
20.製 [jing1zhi4]1, adj., refined, skillfully made, manufactured by a special process. 
21.緻 [jing1zhi4]2, adj., of fine workmanship, exquisite (art work). 
22.絕 [jing1jUe2], adj., extraordinarily well done. 
23.空 [jing1kong1], adj., stripped of everything: 一擄空 looted clean. 
24.兒 [jing1er0], n., (coll.) an onrush of mother's milk fed to baby: 一個兒. 
25.練 [jing1lian4](1)  v.t., to train hard for (boxing, archery, swordsmanship, etc.); (2)  adj., (of troops) well-trained. 
26.良 [jing1liang2], adj., of the highest grade or the best quality; excellent, finest, choicest. 
27.力 [jing1li4], n., energy, vigor, physical and mental vitality: 力過人 exceptional vitality. 
28.靈 [jing1ling2], n., (1)  spirits, ghosts; (2)  a cunning and tricky person. 
29.美 [jing1mei3], adj., elegant and refined, of the finest quality. 
30.妙 [jing1miao4], adj., ingenious, admirable, skillfully contrived. 
31.密 [jing1mi4], adj., exact, precise. 
32.敏 [jing1min3], adj., clever, smart, shrewd. 
33.明 [jing1ming2] ([jing1ming0]), adj., smart, bright, brilliant: 明強幹 shrewd and capable. 
34.囊 [jing1nang2], n., (physiol.) seminal vesicles. 
35.銳 [jing1rui4], n. & adj., crack (troops). 
36.舍 [jing1she4], n., (1)  a villa, a scholar's retreat; (2)  (Budd.) a monastery or nunnery. 
37.深 [jing1shen1], adj., deep, profound, erudite. 
38.神 [jing1shen2] ([jing1shen0]), n., (1)  the spiritual part of a human being; (2)  mental faculties; (3)  spirit: 民治神 the democratic spirit; (4)  vigor, physical strength: 他作事很有神 he is full of energy: 神勞動(者) mental work(er), white-collar worker; 神生活 spiritual life; 神勝利 moral victory; 神分析 psychoanalysis; 神分裂 schizophrenia; 神治療 psychotherapy; 神研究 psychical research; 神感應 telepathy; 神病 mental disease; 神病院 a mental hospital or institution, asylum; 神鎮定劑 tranquilizer. 
39.細 [jing1xi4], adj., (1)  fine, delicate, meticulous; (2)  calculating, shrewd, cautious: 打細算 careful and detailed calculation. 
40.心 [jing1xin1], adj. & adv., whole-hearted(ly), done with meticulous care, heart and soul. 
41.選 [jing1xUan3], adj., carefully selected or chosen. 
42.采 [jing1cai3], n. & adj., (of litr. or artistic works) (the) most interesting, exciting, (features or parts): 采表演 spirited performance. 
43.粗 [jing1cu1], n., things of all sorts (“the fine and the coarse”). 
44.通 [jing1tong1], adj., expert at, well-versed in. 
45.粹 [jing1zui4], n. & adj., (of ) the best and finest quality. 
46.子 [jing1zi3], n., (physiol.) sperms. 
47.衛 [jing1wei4], n., as in 衛填海 mythical bird which tries to fill up the ocean with twigs and pebbles-to fill a sea of regrets. 
48.微 [jing1wei2], adj., deeply thought or perceived (truth). 
49.研 [jing1yan2]1, v.t., make a deep study (of subject). 
50.鹽 [jing1yan2]2, n., refined salt, table salt. 
51.要 [jing1yao4], n., essentials, fundamentals. 
52.液 [jing1ye4], n., (physiol.) semen; essence. 
53.一 [jing1yi1], adj., single-minded, with only one aim or purpose. 
54.義 [jing1yi4], n., the essential or fundamental idea.