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ㄕㄨㄞ [shuai1. [Related ㄕㄨㄞˇ [shuai3, 42.70]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
VTo throw down, fling down (s.t.): 在地上 dash it to the ground;
東西 throw s.t. with force;
破, 碎 dashed to pieces;
To trip, be thrown down:下來 thrown as from a horse or cart;
跟頭,[shuai1gen1tou0], [shuai1jiao1]↓;
死了 fallen dead.
Words1.打 [shuai1da3], v.i., receive hard knocks: 在外頭打過 went through the rough and tumble of life-experienced hardships; v.i., 打咂拉 [shuai1da3za2la2], adj., tough (person), letting nothing stand in the way. 
2.倒 [shuai1dao3], v.i., be thrown down, slip down. 
3.掉 [shuai1diao4], v.t., cast away. 
4.跟頭 [shuai1gen1tou0], v.i., fall head over heels. 
5.簧 [shuai1huang2], v.i., make innuendoes. 
6.角 [shuai1jiao3], n. & v.i., wrestle. 
7.跤 [shuai1jiao1], v.i., (1)  to trip and fall down: 一跤; (2)  to wrestle. 
8.牌 [shuai1pai2], v.i., lose face (lit., “throw cards down”). 
9.砲(兒) [shuai1pao4]([er0]), n., toy cracker which explodes on being thrown to the ground. 
10.盆兒 [shuai1perer0], n., custom for the son of deceased to dash an earthen basin to pieces before starting funeral procession. 
11.喪 [shuai1sang1], n., ditto, also 喪盆子. 
12.讚兒 [shuai1tzaher0], v.i., (coll.) to grumble.