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ㄔㄜˋ [che4. [Cf. , ]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To take away, remove, withdraw: 退,換,銷, etc. [che4tui4], [che4huan4], [che4xiao1]↓;
回 to withdraw, to retract;
remove from office: 職,[che4zhi2], [che4chai1]↓;
水 pump off water;
火 remove heating arrangements when cold season is over.
(2)  To counteract: 酸鹹 the sour counteracts the salty flavor.
Words1.保 [che4bao3], v.i., withdraw or cease guaranteeship. 
2.兵 [che4bing1], v.i., withdraw soldiers. 
3.差 [che4chai1], v.i., remove from office. 
4.懲 [che4cheng2], v.t., remove from office and punish (person). 
5.出 [che4chu1], v.t., to withdraw, remove (soldiers) from place. 
6.除 [che4chu2], v.t., to remove (obstacles, etc.). 
7.防 [che4fang2], v.i., withdraw garrison or security arrangements. 
8.廢 [che4fei4], v.t., abolish (old rules). 
9.換 [che4huan4], v.t., to replace (with new articles, troops, positions). 
10.職 [che4zhi2], v.t., dismiss from office: 把他職; 了職 (p.p.) dismissed. 
11.任 [che4ren4], v.t., ditto. 
12.銷 [che4xiao1], v.t., cancel (arrangement), invalidate (guarantee), withdraw (offer). 
13.席 [che4xi2], v.i., terminate dinner, clear off dinner table. 
14.退 [che4tui4], v.i. & t., retreat, order (troops) to retreat from place. 
15.脫 [che4tuo1], v.i., get away (from appointments, etc.).