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ㄌㄡ [lou1 (*ㄌㄡˊ [lou2, *ㄌㄡˇ [lou3).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  (*[lou3], re. pr. [lou2]) To embrace: 的好緊 embrace tightly;
在一起 embrace each other.
(2)  ([lou1]) Solicit business, contract to do certain services: 包兒 [lou1bao1er0], [lou1lan3], [lou1huo4]↓.
(3)  Hold up, pick up: 起來 pick up pieces from the ground;
衣裳 hold up the lower part of a long gown;
起裙子 hold up the skirts.
(4)  Obtain money by fair means or foul: [lou1qian2]↓;
他一票 made a fast buck;
了一大筆錢 make a pile;
了不少 made a small fortune.
Words1.抱 *[lou3bao4], v.t., hold (s.o.) in one's arms. 
2.包兒(匠) [lou1bao1er0]([jiang4]), n., (1)  one who solicits business; (2)  a firm for hiring day laborer. 
3.錢 [lou1qian2], v.i., extort money by force. 
4.貨 [lou1huo4], v.t., act as commission agent in selling goods. 
5.攬 [lou1lan3], v.t., to contract to do certain services (=包攬). 
6.算 [lou1suan4], v.t., to check an account. 
7.頭 [lou1tou2], adv., head on: 頭就是一棍,把他打倒 felled him with a blow head-on.