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ㄈㄨˇ [fu3.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Side poles of cart acting as wheel guard.
(2)  (AC) official assistant.
(3)  (AC) as var. of cheek and jowl;
(4)  Territory surrounding capital: 畿.
(5)  Place name.
(6)  A surname.
VTo assist, collaborate, guide, help: 以友仁 friendship as a help to right conduct;
而行 two courses of action are complementary to each other;
to help, assist (ruler) in conduct of affairs;
導,助,[fu3dao4], [fu3zhu4], [fu3zuo3]↓.
Adj1Subsidiary: [fu3bi4]2↓.
Words1.弼 [fu3bi4]1, n., (LL) prime minister. 
2.幣 [fu3bi4]2, n., subsidiary coins. 
3.導 [fu3dao4] ([fu3dao3]), v.i. & t. & n., to guide, facilitate, counsel; 導委員會 advisory counsel; adj., advisory. 
4.助 [fu3zhu4], n. & v.t., help, assist (with money, counsel). 
5.治 [fu3zhi4], v.i., help in government. 
6.車 [fu3jU1], n., (AC) as in 車相依 rely on one another as wheel guard and cart or (in another explanation) as cheek and jowl. 
7.相 [fu3xiang4](1)  v.i., to act as guide counsel; (2)  n., (LL) minister of state. 
8.行 [fu3xing2], n., (AC) assistant. 
9.佐 [fu3zuo3], n., assistant; 佐人 (law) legal counsel or representative. 
10.衛 [fu3wei4], v.t. & n., to guide and protect, guard. 
11.音 [fu3yin1], n., consonant, cf. 元音 vowel, 30.70.