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ㄑㄧㄥ [qing1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(LL) to slight, regard lightly: 之 slight a person or thing;
其言 regard his words as of no importance;
敵 underestimate enemy;
文人 (好) 相 writers like to disparage one another;
財重義 regard money lightly and enthusiastic over a public cause;
生 take one's life lightly;
慢,視,[qing1man4], [qing1shi4], [qing1hu1]↓.
Adj(1)  Light in weight or importance: 很的 light;
飄飄的,嬝嬝 very light, feather-light;
於鴻毛 (death) could be entirely of no significance;
如燕 light as a swallow;
事重報 exaggerate the importance in report;
負擔 lighten responsibility;
型,載 light punishment, load;
典 (LL) easy, tolerant laws;
症 slight illness;
汗 slight sweat;
關係非 grave in consequences or implications;
裘緩帶 “soft fur and loose girdles”-soft living.
(2)  Airy, fast: 快,[qing1kuai4], [qing1jie2]↓;
(3)  Cheap, frivolous, flippant, silly: 薄,佻,狂,[qing1bo2], [qing1tiao2], [qing1kuang2], [qing1fu2]↓;
口薄舌 flippant, like to say nasty things about people.
(4)  Easy: 而易舉 easy to undertake: [qing1yi4]↓.
AdvLightly, softly: 吹,奏 play softly in music;
敲 tap softly;
舉妄動 act rashly;
諾寡信 who promises too lightly is seldom able to live up to his words;
信謠言 listen indiscriminately to rumors;
妝 have a simple makeup.
Words1.便 [qing1bian4], adj., easy and convenient, portable, (luggage) light; 便車,便鐵路 narrowgage cars, railways. 
2.薄 [qing1bo2](1)  v.t., to insult: 她被流氓薄一了頓 she was insulted with coarse language by a group of ruffians; (2) adj., cheaply critical, flippant: 薄少年 coarse, vulgar youth; (3)  flirtatious, frivolous: 薄子(兒)playboy, fickle lover. 
3.巧 [qing1qiao3], adj., (1)  agile, skillful; (2)  delicate, well-made (gadget, etc.); (3)  light, portable. 
4.氣 [qing1qi4], n., hydrogen (also wr. 氫氣); 氣球 a balloon. 
5. (兒) (的) [qing1qing1]([er0])([de0]), adv., lightly, softly (tap a door, lay s.t. on floor); (talk) softly; (tell him) gently. 
6.粉 [qing1fen3], n., calomel. 
7.肥 [qing1fei2], phr., (LL) from 裘肥馬 soft furs and well-fed horses--luxurious living. 
8.浮 [qing1fu2], adj., frivolous, ill-mannered, flighty. 
9.工業 [qing1gong1ye4], phr., light industry. 
10.寒 [qing1han2], adj., cool, mildly cold. 
11.忽 [qing1hu1](1)  v.t., to slight, ignore; (2)  adj., flighty. 
12.賤 [qing1jian4](1)  adj., vulgar, cheap (work, position); (2)  v.t., to despise. 
13.捷 [qing1jie2], adj., fast, agile. 
14.騎 [qing1ji4], phr., light-armed cavalry; advance on horseback. 
15.金屬 [qing1jin1shu3], n., (chem.) light metals. 
16.重 (兒) [qing1zhong4]([er0]) n., “light and heavy” --weight, importance: 重 compare the importance (“weight”); 不知重 have no appreciation of thing's importance. 
17.車 [qing1jU1], phr., (1)  a light, swift chariot; (2)  any light cart: 從 travel with light luggage and few attendants (for quick movements); 車熟路,駕就熟 make easy progress from experience (familiarity with the route). 
18.舉 [qing1jU3], phr., (1)  (LL) (Taoist) to go up to heaven bodily; (2)  舉妄動 see Adv.↑. 
19.快 [qing1kuai4], adj., (1)  fast, easy to handle (carriage, etc.); (2)  價錢快 price has eased off; 天氣冷的快 (also pr. [qing2kuai0]) weather has become milder. 
20.狂 [qing1kuang2], adj., rash, reckless. 
21.慢 [qing1man4](1)  v.t., to slight (person); (2)  adj., rude. 
22.蔑 [qing1mie4], v.t., to despise. 
23.年 [qing1nian2], adj., (MC) young (var. of 年,青年). 
24.炮 [qing1pao4], n., light artillery. 
25.剽(僄) [qing1piao1], adj., see [qing1tiao2]↓. 
26.身 [qing1shen1], phr., (1)  to travel light; (2)  see [qing1sheng1]1↓. 
27.生 [qing1sheng1]1, phr., take one's life lightly (commit suicide). 
28.聲 [qing1sheng1]2(1)  n., untoned or unaccented (syllable), marked by preceding('), as 先生 [xian1sheng0], [xian1sheng1]; (2)  adv., in a light voice. 
29.爽 [qing1shuang3], adj., light and comfortable; (of writing) with a light touch. 
30.率 [qing1shuai4], adj., & adv., light-minded, -ly. 
31.視 [qing1shi4], v.t., to despise. 
32.石 [qing1shi4], n., (min.) pumice stone; slag or cinder-like lava. 
33.鬆 [qing1song0], adj., (of style, conversation, speech) light, with a light touch; relaxed (vein). 
34.佻 [qing1tiao2], adj., frivolous (also [qing1tiao3]). 
35.脆 [qing1cui4], adj., brittle (biscuit, etc.). 
36.微 [qing1wei2], adj., slight (accomplishment), light (task); piddling (loss, profit). 
37.易 [qing1yi4](1)  adj., easy to do; (2)  adv., light-mindely: 易舉兵 rashly start a war; adv., 他不易來 he does not come without important reason; 不易動怒 he does not get angry without good reason. 
38.盈 [qing1ying2], adj., lissome, lithe: 盈體態 a soft, well-rounded figure.