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ㄆㄨ [pu1. [Var. ]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  Assault, rush toward: 上來 lurch forward (esp. toward opponent).
(2)  Various forms of wrestling movements: 相交 come to grips;
倒,跌 fall, fell (person) to the ground;
個空 overreach oneself, see [pu1kong1]↓.
(3)  Strike, beat, flop, catch with a sudden movement: 殺此獠 “beat the beast to death”(allu. to brutal saying of Empress Wu Tsehtien);
蠅 swat fly;
蝶 catch butterfly with a quick flop.
(4)  Touch lightly, tap: 面 tap face with powder;
清風面而來 the gentle breeze brushes against one's face;
清香鼻 a sweet scent assails the nostrils.
(4)  In combb. 噗噗,噗通,噗落 describing sudden, light movement, see [pu1pu1], [pu1tong1], [pu1luo4]↓.
Words1.嗤(兒) [pu1chi1] ([pu1che1er0]), adv., descriptive of burst of laughter, or guffaw. 
2.的 [pu1de1], adv., suddenly. 
3.燈蛾(子) [pu1deng1e2]([zi0]), n., moth (“beating at lamp”). 
4.蠂會 [pu1die2hui4], n., butterfly-catching contest, on the Flower Festival (花朝), being 12th of 2nd month in lunar calendar. 
5.地 [pu1di4], adj. & adv., (1)  all over the ground; (2)  suddenly: 地落下來 suddenly drops to the ground. 
6.兒 [pu1er2], n., powder puff (粉[fen3pu1er2]). 
7.虎兒 [pu1hu3er0], v.i., throw body forward, lurch forward. 
8.救 [pu1jiu4], v.i., fight fire. 
9.克 [pu1ke0], n., (translit.) poker. 
10.空 [pu1kong1], v.i., (oft. 個空) miss a punch; (fig.) be left holding the bag, fail to get what one wants. 
11.鹿(漉) [pu1lu4], v.i., ditto. 
12.落 [pu1luo4], v.i., scatter around. 
13.滿 [pu1man3], n., clay coin bank, “broken when filled.” 
14.忙子 [pu1mang2zi0], v.i., bustle about nothing. 
15. [pu1pu1], adv., descriptive of palpitation: 的心頭跳. 
16.簌簌 [pu1shu1shu1], adv., gushing forth (tears). 
17.朔迷離 [pu1shou4mi2li2], adj., whirling, confusing the eye. 
18.騰 [pu1teng2], v.i., leap up, leap awkwardly; try to magnify (s.t.); n., show-off affair. 
19.通 [pu1tong1], adv., descriptive of sound of s.t. dropping into water. 
Words1.鈍 [pu2dun4], adj., stupid, slow-witted. 
2.拙 [pu2zhuo2], adj., uncouth (manners), straightforward. 
3.樸質 [pu2zhi2], adj., unadorned, unsophisticated. 
4.樸馬 [pu2ma3], n., (AC) unbroken horse. 
5.樸實 [pu2shi0], adj., simple, direct honest: 樸樸實實(兒) adv., directly, in simple, direct way. 
6.樸學 [pu2xUe2], n., name of scholastic tendency (Manchu Dyn.) devoted to philological research and spurning speculative philosophy. 
7.樸素 [pu2su4]1, adj., (of dress, customs, way of living) simple. 
8.樸樕 [pu2su4]2, n., (AC) brush, underwood. 
9.樸野 [pu2ye3], adj., uncouth.