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ㄔㄥ [cheng1. [Var. 牚,撐]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To prop up, to support from under: 支 ditto;
場面 to maintain the front or appearance: 起枕頭來 fill out the pillow (with cotton wool).
(2)  To punt a boat: 竿,篙 punting pole;
搖 to work the sweeps of a boat.
(3)  To stretch tight, to burst: 肚子的慌 stomach is bursting;
病了 sick with bursting pressure, breakdown due to overwork;
把門都破了 (crowd) bursts open the door.
Words1.竿 [cheng1gan1], n., a punting pole; 竿跳 (高) pole vault. 
2.住 [cheng1zhu4], v.t., to set up with props: 不住 cannot hold it up. [cheng1zhu3], to prop from under. 
3.柜 [cheng1jU4], v.t., to prop against. 
4.開 [cheng1kai1]([kai0]), v.t., to push open.