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ㄅㄛ [bo1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  A handful (of earth, ashes, powder).
(2)  (AC) cord for pulling hearse= 紼 93B.22.
(3)  (AC) a kind of ladies’ hair ornament.
V(1)  To stir with hand or stick: 土,灰 stir dust, ashes;
to move (switch, etc.) with a slight finger movement;
表針 move watch hand;
算盤 tick off beads on abacus;
poke fire, see 火棍 [bo1huo3gun4]↓;
開 poke aside, spread out;
歸一邊 set on one side.
(2)  To dispel, push aside (curtain): 開雲霧見青天 (or 雲見日) clear the clouds and see the sky, (fig.) remove cloud of suspicion, redress wrong and restore justice;
亂反正 dispel chaos and restore peace.
(3)  TO assign, set aside: 兵 despatch troops;
項 transfer a sum;
一筆款 set aside a sum.
Words1.動 [bo1dong4], v.t., move by finger (hour hand), turn (a switch). 
2.發 [bo1fa1], v.t. & n., pay out, transfer (funds). 
3.火棍 [bo1huo3gun4], n., poker for fireplace. 
4.腳 [bo1jiao3], v.i., fell (a person) by placing leg across opponent’s, a boxer's movement. 
5.剌 [bo1la4], n., noise of striking fins, 扒 also 扒拉 10A.80; noise of twanging bow. 
6.浪鼓 [bo1lang1gu3], n., = 波浪鼓 63A.82. 
7.弄 [bo1long4], v.t., as in 弄是非 stir up trouble by gossip, rumors; fiddle with.