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ㄙㄚ [sa1 (*ㄙㄚˇ [sa3).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To let go, let out, release: [sa1fang4]↓;
手, or 開手 let go the hand, also wash hands of matter, 撤手(兒) [sa1shou3]([er0])↓;
氣 deflate tire;
線 let out string in kite-flying;
溺,[sa1niao4], [sa1fen4]↓.
(2)  To act in a spoiled, silly, joking or drunken manner: [sa1jiao1]↓;
痴,痴 to act spoiled (esp. woman);
賴,[sa1lai4], [sa1po1]↓;
酒風兒 to yell, shout when drunk;
(3)  (*[sa3]) (Interch. 灑 63A.70, 洒 63A.41) to cast (sand, seeds), spray (fluid);
網 cast a net, see [sa1wang3]↓;
豆成兵 (myth.) cast beans on ground which are transformed by magic into soldiers.
Words1.氣 [sa1qi4], v.t., to deflate; vent anger. 
2.旦 [sa1dan4], n., (translit.) Satan. 
3.對兒 [sa1duo4er0], v.i., to challenge, antagonize, offend. 
4.放 [sa1fang4], v.t., to let go, to spray (fluid, particles). 
5.糞 [sa1fen4], v.i., to ease bowels, also (abuse) talk rubbish. 
6.和 *[sa3he0], v.i., take a stroll: 和一下 ditto; to trot (horse). 
7.歡兒 [sa1hua1er0], v.i., to romp about (as a cat). 
8.謊 [sa1huang3], v.i., to tell a lie, a fib. 
9.帳 *[sa3zhang4], v.i., formerly, a wedding custom, after the ceremonies were over, with bride and groom seated on bed, coins and fruit were thrown by guests. 
10.姦 [sa1jian1], v.i., indulge in cunning, play dirty trick. 
11.嬌(兒) [sa1jiao1]([er0]), v.i., (lady) to act in pettishly charming manner, act spoiled, to pout, also 痴 act like spoiled child. 
12.極 [sa1ji2], v.i., driven to extremities (and commit suicide). 
13.種 [sa1zhong3], v.i., to sow seeds. 
14.開 [sa1kai1], v.i. & t., to let: 開了手 wash one's hands of the matter, disclaim further interest. 
15.科 [sa1ke1], v.i., as in 科打諢 [sa1ke1da3hun4], (Chin. theater) to introduce comic remarks in dialogue. 
16.賴 [sa1lai4], v.i., to lie and cheat, speak falsehood to clear oneself and hurt others. 
17.馬 [sa1ma3], v.i., to let go the reins and gallop. 
18.漫 *[sa3man4], v.t., to spend freely; to spoil (s.t.) by a hasty word. 
19.溺 [sa1niao4], v.i., to urinate. 
20.潑 [sa1po1], adj., & adv., vile-tem-pered (woman), given to scolding others. 
21.然 *[sa3ran2], adv., (MC) abruptly (awakened). 
22.散 *[sa3san0], v.t., to distribute (handbills, etc.); to spend lavishly. 
23.鞋 *[sa3xie2], n., slippers (also wr. 靸鞋); a special kind of workman's slippers with cloth sole and leather top. 
24.手(兒) [sa1shou3]([er0]), v.i., wash one's hands of the matter; the climaxing act, one's specialty; vi., 手塵寰 to pass away. 
25.薰香 [sa3xUn4xiang1], phr., to indulge in smearing tactics. 
26.尿 [sa1sui1] (also [sa1niao4]), v.i., to urinate. 
27.村 [sa1cun1], v.i., to use vulgar language, act like a country bumpkin. 
28.腿 [sa1tui3], v.i., to beat it as fast as one can, disappear sheepishly from scene. 
29.嘴 [sa1zui3], v.i., to release a bite. 
30.網 [sa1wang3], v.i., cast net; v.i., (fig.) to give a party on occasion of wedding, funeral, etc., in the hope of collecting presents. 
31.鴨子 [sa1ya1zi0], v.i., see [sa1tui3]↑. 
32.野 [sa1ye0], v.i., to get rude, bumptious. 
33.囈症 [sa1yi4zheng4], n., sleepwalking, also habit of talking in sleep, somnambulism.