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ㄘㄨㄛ [cuo1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  A handful, small quantity.
(2)  A milliliter.
V(1)  To pick up or hold (dust, powder) between fingers.
(2)  To put together: [cuo1he2]↓.
Words1.鳥 [cuo1diao3], n., (MC vulg., abuse) weakling for sexual purposes. 
2.合 [cuo1he2] ([cuo1he0]), v.t., to bring two parties together, esp. for matrimonial alliance; 合山 matchmaker. 
3.口 [cuo1kou3], adj., (Chin. phonetics) the sound “yu”(Wade: “? as in 玉,越,圓 [yU4], [yUe4], [yUan2]
4.弄 [cuo1long0] ([cuo1long0]), v.t., (1)  to make fun of (person); v.i., (2)  to manipulate, instigate (to riot, rebellion, etc.); (3)  n., (MC) acrobatic shows and the like. 
5.土 [cuo1tu3](1)  n., (contempt.) a small country (cf. 蕞爾 20A.82); (2)  v.i., to gather soil with hand. 
6.要 [cuo1yao4]1, n., summary (of speech, etc.); elementary outline (of subject). 
7.藥 [cuo1yao4]2, v.i., (Chin. med.) to fill out a prescription.