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ㄅㄛˋ [bo4.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To cast, sow, broadcast, make known abroad, spread: 種 sow seeds by scattering;
道 spread gospel;
91A.00 spread religion, disseminate ideas, news;
61.80 broadcast;
relay broadcast;
receive broadcast.
(2)  Move about, see [bo4qian1]↓.
Words1.遷 [bo4qian1], v.i., (of peoples, clans) migrate. 
2.蕩 [bo4dang4], v.i., wander about, cf. 簸盪 92A.82. 
3.放 [bo4fang4], v.t., broadcast (news, etc.) on the air. 
4.種機 [bo4zhong3ji1], n., machine for sowing seeds. 
5.弄 [bo4long4], v.t., esp. in 弄是非 spread unfounded rumors. 
6.送 [bo4song4], v.t., broadcast news. 
7.影 [bo4ying4], v.t., broadcast on television. 
8.音 [bo4yin1], v.i., broadcast on the air; 
9.音劇 [bo4yin1jU4], n., radio plays, 
10.音員 [bo4yin1yUan2], n., announcer.