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ㄅㄧㄠ [biao1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Mark, label;
phonetic notation;
識,誌,記 a marking, what serves to mark (ownership, identity);
buoy or other marking at sea;
road signal.
(2)  Banner, esp. as prize at contests: 奪得錦 capture the banner.
(3)  Standard, target: 目 aim, target;
準,[biao1zhun3], [biao1di4]↓.
(4)  Public commercial bidding: 投 partake at public bidding for contract;
receive contract at bidding.
(5)  Symptom, outside appearance: 治不治本 to cure the symptoms, not the disease, hence used of temporary remedies of relief in medicine or social problems.
(6)  A regiment in Manchu Dyn.
V(1)  To mark: 名 mark name, give name to;
明 mark clearly.
(2)  To receive contract at bidding: 被他到了 he won at the bidding.
Words1.榜 [biao1bang3], v.t., give favorable publicity to: 互相榜 (esp. of writers) gain popularity by mutual compliments. 
2.本 [biao1ben3], n., (bot.) specimen. 
3.籤 [biao1qian1], n., price tag. 
4.槍 [biao1qiang1], n., javelin. 
5.點 [biao1dian3], n. & v.t., punctuate (-tion); 點符號 punctuation marks. 
6.的 [biao1di4], n., declared object, target to strive for: 訴之的 subject matter of court action. 
7.封 [biao1feng1], v.i. & t., sealed with labels. 
8.竿 [biao1gan1], n., marking pole. 
9.高 [biao1gao1], n., (survey) vertical distance. 
10.格 [biao1ge2], n., model to imitate. 
11.購 [biao1gou4], v.t., buy at public bidding. 
12.價 [biao1jia4], v.t. & n., to mark price, marked price. 
13.準 [biao1zhun3], n. & adj., model (husband, citizen), standard (of behavior, temperature): 不合(不夠)準 not up to standard, disqualified; 準太高 the standard is set too high; 漫無準 without consistent standard. 
14.致 [biao1zhi4], adj., handsome (of person, dress), also wr. 緻. 
15.買 [biao1mai3], v.t., see [biao1gou4]↑. 
16.賣 [biao1mai4], n., sell at marked price or at public bidding. 
17.牌 [biao1pai2], n., see 牌 10A.01. 
18.題 [biao1ti2], n., subject (of essay, etc.); 題音樂 program music. 
19.語 [biao1yU3], n., slogan.