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ㄍㄨˇ [gu3.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Grain, corn, cereals: 五 five major grains, of which, however, one list differs from another;
grains in gen.;
物 corn;
物條例 (Eng. history) the Corn Laws;
類 cereals as a class;
paddy rice.
(2)  A surname.
V(1)  (AC) give food to, provide food for: 以我士女 in order to provide food for our men and women.
(2)  (AC) give notice of, notify: 喪 notify friends of s.o.’s death.
Adj(1)  (AC) (of persons) good, well-meaning: 既富方 one will be good after he has become rich;
(self-deprecatory) I, your unworthy prince.
(2)  Alive, living: (LL) 則異室,死則同穴 living separately during lifetime but buried in the same grave after death.
Words1.場 [gu2chang3], n., a threshing floor. 
2.蟲 [gu3chong2], n., the weevil. 
3.道 [gu3dao4], n., the rectum. 
4.旦 [gu3dan4], n., a lucky day. 
5.蛾 [gu3e2], n., (zoo.) Tinea granella
6.風 [gu3feng1], n., (AC) the east wind (=谷風). 
7. [gu2gu3], n., the cooing of birds. 
8.種 [gu2zhong3], n., seed corn. 
9.梁 [gu3liang2], n., a two-character surname; 梁傳 one of the three expansions of Confucius' Spring and Autumn Annals
10.田 [gu3tian2], n., rice fields. 
11.倉 [gu3cang1], n., granary. 
12.子 [gu3zi0], n., (1)  unhulled rice; (2)  millet. 
13.雨 [gu2yU3], n., one of the twenty-four terms into which a year is divided (about April 20th May 4th), see Appendix B.