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ㄐㄧ [ji1 (*ㄑㄧˇ [qi3).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NA surname.
V(1)  Examine, investigate, study: [ji1gu3], [ji1he2], [ji1cha2]1, [ji1cha2]2, [ji1kao3]↓;
groundless, unfounded;
(2)  To delay, hinder: [ji1liu2], 遲ji-chyr, [ji1yan2]↓;
時 procrastinate, protract.
(3)  Find fault with: 反脣相 to turn against another in mutual recrimination.
(4)  V.i., to kowtow: (*[qi3]) [ji1shou3], [ji1sang3]↓.
Words1.查 [ji1cha2]1, v.t., to look into, to find out the truth. 
2.察 [ji1cha2]2, v.t., ditto. 
3.遲 [ji1chi2], v.i., delay, be late. 
4.古 [ji1gu3], v.i., make a study of ancient ways; (AC) in ancient days. 
5.核 [ji1he2](1)  n., (accounting) an auditor, auditing; (2)  v.t., examine carefully, (accounting) to audit. 
6.征 [ji1zheng1], v.t., examine (goods) and collect duty thereon. 
7.考 [ji1kao3], v.t., investigate, examine. 
8.留 [ji1liu2], v.i., to delay, be detained. 
9.顙 *[qi2sang3], v.i., to kowtow. 
10.首 *[qi2shou3], v.t., ditto. 
11.延 [ji1yan2], postpone, put off, be held up.