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ㄌㄨㄣˊ [lun2.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  A wheel or wheel-like object: 車 cart or car wheel;
,月 the sun, moon (disc);
紅日,一明月 a red sun, a bright moon.
(2)  A surname.
V(1)  To take turns: 流,[lun2liu2], [lun2ban1]↓;
到你了 it is your turn now;
不到我 (of good chance) I shall not have the chance (others ahead of me);
姦 to rape by turns.
(2)  To turn: [lun2zhuan3], [lun2hui2]↓.
Adj美奐 phr., (AC of building) magnificent, sumptuous.
Words1.班 [lun2ban1], v.i., be on duty by turns. 
2.掣 [lun2che4], n., a brake. 
3.船 [lun2chuan2], n., steamer, steamboat, steamship. 
4.渡 [lun2du4], n., steam ferry. 
5.番 [lun2fan1], v.i., see [lun2ban1]↑. 
6.換 [lun2huan4], v.i., go by turns: 換次序 (math.) cyclic order; 換排列 cyclic permutation. 
7.迴 [lun2hui2], n., (1)  (Budd.) transmigration of souls; (2)  eternal cycle of birth and death. 
8.軸 [lun2zhou2], n., axle. 
9.轉 [lun2zhuan3], v.i., to turn (like a wheel); v.i., 轉印刷機 [lun2zhuan3yin4shua1ji1], n., cylinder-press. 
10.值 [lun2zhi2], v.i., to be on duty by turns. 
11.廓 [lun2kuo4], n., outline, contour; general layout or main outline (without details). 
12.流 [lun2liu2], v.i., take turns. 
13.生葉 [lun2sheng1ye4], n., (bot.) verticillate leaf, arranged in verticils. 
14.旋曲 [lun2xUan2chu3], n., (mus.) rondo. 
15.胎 [lun2tai1], n., a tire. 
16.作法 [lun2zuo4fa3], n., (agriculture) rotational cropping (to conserve soil).