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ㄒㄩㄣ [xUn1. [Var. ]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Meritorious service: 功 ditto;
,贈 to award medal of honor for service.
(2)  Rank, nobility: 爵,位,[xUn1jUe2], [xUn1wei4], [xUn1gui4]↓;
附 those closely related to people of rank.
Words1.臣 [xUn1chen2], n., an official with record of distinguished service to country. 
2.閥 [xUn1fa2], n., powerful family of general or politician. 
3.官 [xUn1guan1], n., a person with rank. 
4.貴 [xUn1gui4], n., the titled nobility. 
5.功 [xUn1gong1], n., meritorious service, also 功
6.章 [xUn1zhang1], n., medal of honor. 
7.舊 [xUn1jiu4], n., formerly, person(s) with close connections with the emperor. 
8.級 [xUn1ji2], n., (ranking among men with) different degrees of meritorious service. 
9.爵 [xUn1jUe2], n., titles of nobility conferred for meritorious service. 
10.勞 [xUn1lao2], n., meritorious service. 
11.位 [xUn1wei4], n., rank. 
12.業 [xUn1ye4], n., see [xUn1lao2]↑. 
13.庸 [xUn1yong1], n., (LL) ditto.