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ㄗㄜˊ [ze2 (*ㄓㄞˊ [zhai2, coll.).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  Select, choose: 選 pick and choose;
選 choose from among many;
配 choose a spouse;
偶 ditto;
婿 select a husband for one's daughter;
親 make marriage arrangements for one's children;
人而事 choose a master (prince) to serve;
之而歸 ditto;
鄰 pick a suitable place to live in, esp. for the rearing of one's children;
優 choose the best there is;
善固執 find out what is good and hold fast to it;
期 pick a date (for marriage, burial, business venture);
日子 ditto;
吉 (開張) choose an auspicious day to start a business;
肥而噬 to victimize the rich.
(2)  Differentiate: 牛羊何馬 (AC) why differentiate between cattle and sheep?
Words1.不開 *[zhai2bu0kai1], v.i., (1)  cannot be separated: 他們倆是不開的一對兒 the two of them are an inseparable pair; (2)  cannot get away: 我忙得一點兒功夫不開 I’m so busy that I can't tear myself away for a moment. 
2.對 [ze2dui4](1)  v.i., choose a spouse; (2)  (*[jia2dui0]) v.t., make a careful choice of : 對好了日子 choose an auspicious day. 
3.乾淨兒 *[zhai2gan1jing4er0], v.i., shirk one's responsibility. 
4.交 [ze2mao2er0], phr., choose friends carefully. 
5.毛兒 *[zhai2mao2er0], phr., find fault with; fault-finding, captious, cavilling, carping. 
6.木 [ze2mu4], v.i., (lit.) (of birds) choose a tree to nestle in, (fig.) choose a master to serve. 
7.席 *[zhai2xi2], v.i., be choosy about the bed in which one sleeps. 
8.手貨 *[zhai2shou0huo4], n., inferior goods left over unsold. 
9.食 *[zhai2shi2] ([ze2shi2]), v.i., be particular about the food one eats: 饑不食 when one is hungry, one will eat anything given him. 
10.刺 *[zhai2ci4], v.i., pick fish bones; (fig.) remove misunderstandings.