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ㄘㄠ [cao1 (*ㄘㄠˋ [cao4).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  (Also *[cao4]) integrity, moral principle in person's conduct: 守,作,[cao1shou3], [cao1xing4], [cao1jie2]↓;
a person's stern principles.
(2)  Drill, exercise: 兵,軍 military drill;
review troops;
physical exercise.
(3)  A song played on 琴 [qin2].
(4)  Name of famous historical person 曹 (pr. *[cao4]).
V(1)  To hold (weapon, moral principle): 刀,劍 to hold a knife, sword;
持,[cao1chi2], [cao1shou3]↓.
(2)  To run (a boat, a firm), to control: [cao1zong4]↓.
(3)  To carry a profession: 業 ditto;
醫業 practice medicine;
(4)  To drill (troops), exercise (body): 演,[cao1yan3], [cao1lian4]↓.
(5)  To speak a certain language: 英語 speak English.
Words1.場 [cao1chang3], n., drill ground. 
2.切 [cao1qie4], v.i., to be overfastidious, control too tightly. 
3.琴 [cao1qin2], v.i., play on [qin2] instrument. 
4.持 [cao1chi2] ([cao1chi0]), v.t., to manage (business, shop); to control or guide (conduct). 
5.券 [cao1qUan4], v.i., “hold the card”--be sure to succeed. 
6.戈 [cao1ge1], v.i., “hold spear”: 同室戈 internecine fight. 
7.觚 [cao1gu1], v.i., (LL) (1)  to write (AC觚=a strip for writing); (2)  practise a profession or craft. 
8.勞 [cao1lao2], v.i., to work hard at domestic chores, to labor intensively. 
9.練 [cao1lian4] ([cao1lian0]), v.t. & n., to drill, a drill. 
10.履 [cao1lU3], n., upright personal conduct. 
11.神 [cao1shen2], v.i., to tax the mind or energy. 
12.行 [cao1xing4] (*[cao4xing4]), n., moral conduct. 
13.心 [cao1xin1], v.i., (1)  to worry; (2)  to harbor certain ideas. 
14.守 [cao1shou3] (*[cao4shou3]), n., a person's moral principles, personal integrity. 
15.縱 [cao1zong4], v.i., & t., to control (another's movements): 受人縱 be controled by others; pull the lines (as in marionette); manipulate, control (stock market, etc.). 
16.作 [cao1zuo4](1)  n., work, esp. manual or household work; (2)  v.t., operate, manipulate, handle (process, machine, etc.). 
17.演 [cao1yan3] ([cao1yan0]), n. & v. i., (hold) military exercise; athletic practice, etc.