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ㄉㄢ [dan1 (as vb.), *ㄉㄢˋ [dan4 (as n.). [Pop. ]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(*[dan4]) ([dan1zi0]) A carrier load, two units on ends of pole carried on shoulder: 一菜,米 such a load of vegetables, rice;
[dan1]*[dan4zi0], carry a load;
杆 carrying pole.
(2)  A picul, unit of measure.
V(1)  Carry, bear (lit. & fig.): 水,米 carry water, rice;
水向河頭賣 carry coal to Newcastle;
得動,不動 can or cannot, lift up and carry;
得起,不起 can ,cannot bear responsibility, oft. 當,待 (得起,不起) [dan1dang1], [dan1dai4]↓;
take blame for: 錯,不是 take blame for mistakes;
是不錯 will take credit for what is right, but not bear blame for mistakes;
處分 will bear responsibility if s.t. fails.
(2)  Suffer, endure: 風,險 endure hardships of weather, risks;
驚 bear the worries, be exposed to fears;
Words1.保 [dan1bao3], v.t. & n., guarantee: 保你沒事 guarantee you will not be in trouble; 保人 be guarantor. 
2.承 [dan1cheng2], v.t., shoulder up responsibility: 承責任, see [dan1dang1], [dan1dai4]↓. 
3.待 [dan1dai4], v.t., : see V.t.1↑; 待 (起,不起) can, cannot bear responsibility (also [dan1dang1]). 
4.負 [dan1fu4], v.t., carry (burden, responsibility). 
5.擱 [dan1ge0], v.i. & t., delay: 擱一件事 cause s.t. to be delayed; usu. wr. 擱,耽擱. 
6.荷 [dan1he4], v.t. & n., (carry) burden. 
7.架床 [dan1jia4chuang2], n., stretcher. 
8.任 [dan1ren4], v.t., fill (post), take charge of (responsibility): 任賬項 take charge of accounts; 任秘書 act as secretary. 
9.心 [dan1xin1], v.i., worry, be worried: 不必心 don't worry. 
10.憂 [dan1you1], v.t., be worried.