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ㄊㄤˊ [tang2.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NSugar, sugared sweetmeats, candy: 白,精 refined sugar;
brown sugar;
granulated sugar;
,方 sugar cubes;
(crystallized) rock sugar;
cane sugar;
巧克力 chocolates;
麥芽 malt sugar;
葡萄 glucose;
棉花 marshmallow, spun sugar;
薑 sugared ginger;
瓜(兒)sugared melons;
人兒 sugar dolls;
葫蘆(兒) sugared plums;
耳朵 fried sweetmeat;
雜麵兒 fine threads of flour and molasses;
兒豆兒 sweetmeats in gen. for children, hence petty favors.
Words1.果(兒) [tang2guo2]([er0]), n., sweetmeats in gen. 
2.漿 [tang2jiang1], n., syrup. 
3.精 [tang2jing1], n., saccharin. 
4.汁 [tang2zhi1], n., syrup. 
5.鑼(兒) [tang2luo2]([er0]), n., small gong beaten by seller of sweetmeats. 
6.蘿蔔 [tang2luo2bo0], n., sugar beet, beetroot. 
7.尿病 [tang2niao4bing4], n., diabetes. 
8.嗓兒 [tang2sang3er0], n., split voice. 
9.稀 [tang2xi1], n., molasses; syrup. 
10.霜 [tang2shuang1], n., rock sugar. 
11.水 [tang2shui3], n., syrup. 
12.食 [tang2shi2], n., sweetmeats. 
13.槭 [tang2zu2], n., (bot.) a sugar producing plant, Acer saccharinum
14.子兒 [tang2zi3er0], n., small sweetmeats. 
15.衣 [tang2yi1], adj., sugar-coated (pills).