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ㄕㄨ [shu1. [Usu. printed ]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To transport, -ation: 運 ditto;
出,[shu1chu1], [shu1ru4]↓;
(2)  To pay (tribute, tax), to contribute, give offer: 將,[shu1jiang1], [shu1na4]↓;
offer loyalty, heart, etc.: [shu1cheng2]↓.
(3)  To conduct: 尿管,卵管,精管 [shu1niao4guan3], [shu1luan2guan3], [shu1jing1guan3]↓.
To lose at gamble, be beaten: [shu1ying2]↓;
虧,[shu1kui1], [shu1jia0]↓;
錢 lose money in gamble;
了 he lost, is beaten;
給他 lost to him;
錢都賭了 lost all money at gamble;
,不認 admit, do not admit defeat;
不得他那一雙眼 (MC) cannot deceive his eyes.
Words1.誠 [shu1cheng2], v.i., (1)  offer loyalty to; (2)  admit defeat and go over to the other side. 
2.情 [shu1qing2], v.i., to report secretly or secrets, sometimes to enemy. 
3.出 [shu1chu1], n. & v.i. & t., export: 出稅 export duty; 出額 volume of exports; 出商(行) export firm; 出機 output unit in computer. 
4.著兒 [shu1zhao1er0], n., a wrong move. 
5.家(兒) [shu1jia0]([er0]), n., the loser. 
6.將 [shu1jiang1], v.t., to transport, see [shu1song4]↓. 
7.精管 [shu1jing1guan3], n., sperm duct, vas deferens
8.注 [shu1zhu4], v.t. & n., infuse (-sion). 
9.捐 [shu1jUan1], v.t., to pay (tax); to contribute (to charity). 
10.虧 [shu1kui1], v.i., to lose at battle or gamble. 
11.卵管 [shu1luan2guan3], n., the oviduct, the Fallopian tube. 
12.納 [shu1na4], v.t., to pay (taxes). 
13.尿管 [shu1niao4guan3], n., the urethra. 
14.入 [shu1ru4], n. & v.t., import, to import; 入機 input unit in computer. 
15.血 [shu1xUe4], v.i., to make blood transfusion. 
16.送 [shu1song4], v.i. & t., to send over, to transport to. 
17.嘴 [shu1zui3], v.i., (1)  to admit defeat in argument; (2)  not live up to one's word. 
18.眼 [shu1yan3], v.i., to make a mistake in judgment. 
19.贏 [shu1ying2], n., gain or loss, gain and loss. 
20.運 [shu1yUn4], v.i. & t., & n., transport (-ation).