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ㄇㄛˊ [mo2 (*ㄇㄛˋ [mo4).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Difficulties on the way: 好事多 phr., love's course seldom runs smooth, also said of other worthy projects;
折,[mo2zhe2], [mo2nan4]↓.
(2)  (*[mo4]) Mill, millstone: 水 water mill;
石 millstone;
床 grinding machine, grinder;
stone mill;
n., hand mill.
V(1)  Grind, polish: 刀 sharpen knife;
穿鐵硯 grind through an inkstone--long years of study;
杵成針 grind mortar into a needle--show extraordinary persistence;
拳擦掌 to roll up one's sleeves for action;
(成)粉 grind into powder;
鏡 polish bronze mirror, also Lesbian practice;
光 polish;
如琢如 (of slow process of education and scholarship) like grinding stone and polishing jade;
了泡 foot blisters from friction (tight shoes, etc.);
墨 grind Chin. inkcake on slab.
(2)  To wear out (s.t.) slowly, to annoy constantly: 著媽媽帶他出去玩 (child) begs mother without stop to be taken out;
人功夫 require one's constant attention, constant effort at digging or plugging s.o.;
你別老人 don't keep on bothering me;
百世不,不可滅 will endure for centuries;
(3)  (*[mo4]) To put through the grind, repeat annoyingly, bother: 豆腐 make bean curd by grinding, (fig.) repeat annoyingly;
不開臉 feel embarrassed (also wr. 抹 10A.01).
(4)  Guide through: 不能車 (of narrow alley) cannot take car through.
Words1.煩 *[mo4fan2], v.t., bother constantly (as child). 
2.坊 *[mo4fang2]1 n., flour mill. 
3.房 *[mo4fang2]2 n., mill house. 
4.蝎 [mo2he2], n., (astrology) constellation of scorpion, destined for hard knocks. 
5.折 [mo2zhe2] (also 折磨 [zhe2mo2]), v.i. & t. & n., (put through) privations, hardships, persecutions: 折死了 persecuted, or persecute (s.o.) slowly to death; 受折 be subject to daily small persecutions. 
6.勁兒 [mo2jie4er0], n., (1)  power of persistent begging until one accedes; (2)  dragging out work to kill time. 
7.勘 [mo2kan4], n., term for check and re-check of official records or examination papers (in sense of "putting through the mill"); results of such examinations. 
8.鍊 [mo2lian4], n. & v.t., (undergo) trials and hardships for strengthening character. 
9.礪 [mo2li4], n. & v.t., ditto. 
10.滅 [mo2mie4], v.t., obliterate: 其功不可滅 his work will always be remembered. 
11.難 [mo2nan4], n., hardships, trials, such as on pilgrimage. 
12.跎 [mo2tuo2], v.i., to idle about: 跎子 [mo2tuo2zi0], (1)  n., annoying person; (2)  v.i., drag along: 等我和他跎子,到那兒是那兒 I will drag along with him and see what happens (until he backs out). 
13.蹭 [mo2zeng0], v.i., dawdle, idle at work. 
14.牙 [mo2ya2], v.i., be too talkative, indulge in arguments.