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ㄐㄧ [ji1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  (Math.) the product obtained by multiplication: 乘 the product so obtained;
find such product;
(2)  A measure of size: 體 volume;
surface area;
VAmass, to store up: 堆 to pile up;
accumulate, assemble together;
to form a delta;
勞 (憂) 成疾 fall sick from overwork (excessive worry);
羽沉舟 the awesome power of sheer numbers (“a heavy enough load of feathers can sink a boat”);
少成多 from small increments comes abundance (cf. “take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves”).
AdjAge-long, added bit by bit, made of small accretions, cumulative: [ji1bi4], [ji1xi2]↓;
重難返 old habits are difficult to get rid of;
冰,雪,雨 accumulated ice, snow, rain water;
善 habitual doing of good deeds: 善之家 a family given to kindness and charity;
惡 continual perpetration of evil deeds;
威 accumulated power and prestige;
怨,忿 pent-up grievances (grudges), anger.
Words1.弊 [ji1bi4], n., age-old abuses or irregularities. 
2.德 [ji1de2], v.i., (1)  be given to kindness and charity; (2)  (sarcastic) behave oneself: 你多點德吧! (admonition to be kind) please do not be so harsh, sharp, or cutting. 
3.犯 [ji1fan4], phr., habitual criminal. 
4.分 [ji1fen1], n., (1)  total number of credits a students has earned in school; (2)  (math.) integral calculus. 
5.漸 [ji1jian4], adv., gradually, little by little, by degrees. 
6.久 [ji1jiu3], adj. & adv., over a long period. 
7.極 [ji1ji2], adj., (of a person's attitude or outlook) positive, energetic, affirmative, optimistic, resolute (opp. 消極 63A.42); 極份子 activist. 
8.木 [ji1mu4], n., children's toy wooden blocks. 
9.年 [ji1nian2], adv., for many years: 年累月 for months and years. 
10.習 [ji1xi2], n., inveterate habits: 習難改 ingrained habits can't be cast off overnight. 
11.數 [ji1shu4], n., (math.) product. 
12.蓄 [ji1xU4], n., savings. 
13.儹 [ji1zan1], n., (coll.) also wr. [ji1xU4]↑. 
14.作 [ji1zuo4], v.i., be kind and virtuous, also used in a sarcastic sense, see [ji1de2]↑. 
15.壓 [ji1ya1], v.t., put off, delay, postpone, defer: 壓公文 accumulated and held up official documents.