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ㄐㄧˊ [ji2.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To strike, hit: 罐 to beat a drinking cup and sing;
柝 (of night watchmen) beat the rattle and go the rounds;
楫 to vow to bring peace to the country (allu. to the story of 祖逖);
築 to strike the strings of an ancient lute;
鼓 to strike a drum;
缽催詩 celebration of festive occasions by poets writing poems within set time limits;
to pound, to hammer;
to beat, to strike a heavy blow;
重重一 give (s.o.) a pounding;
hit with a stick or club;
to fence;
to wrestle, engage in hand-fight scuffle;
to shoot;
bombard with guns or from the air, (fig.) criticize severely;
沈 to bombard and sink (a ship);
落敵機 to down an enemy plane;
(2)  To combat, to fight: 攻 to attack, also attack, criticize in writing;
to wage guerrilla warfare;
打游 (now also)sponge meals on friends;
戰爭 guerrilla warfare;
mount a sudden attack;
make a surprise raid;
敗 defeat;
聲東西 feign attack on the east and strike on the west.
(3)  Come in contact with: 目 see with one's own eyes.
Words1.節 [ji2jie2], v.i. & t., as in 節稱賞 to clap and applaud. 
2.賞 [ji2shang3], v.t., ditto. 
3.刺 [ji2ci4], v.t., (1)  stab with a sword; (2)  (of troops) fight with swords and spears.