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ㄘㄚ [ca1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To rub, wipe as with rag, mop, polish: 鞋 to polish shoes;
槍 clean rifle;
銅油 copper polish;
v.i. & n., friction, have differences of opinion with each other;
汗 wipe perspiration;
clean and polish (table, etc.).
(2)  To bruise (skin): 破了皮;
(*[ca3]) to scrape, grate (carrot, etc.).
(3)  To brush past: 身而過 ditto.
(4)  To apply (powder, rouge, oinment, color, etc.): 背 to massage (back-ofbody).
Words1.布 [ca1bu4], n., a wiper, rag for wiping. 
2.床兒 *[ca3chuang2er0], n., kitchen utensil for grating potatoes, etc. 
3.黑兒 [tsaheer0], adv., about or toward dusk. 
4. [ca1ca1], adj., descriptive of scraping sounds.