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ㄍㄜ [ge1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To place, lay, keep, preserve: 在桌子上 put on the table;
在冰箱裡 keep (s.t.) in the refrigerator;
這屋子太小,不下這麼多東西 the room is too small for so many things;
好 place in a safe place;
大熱天魚和肉都不住的 fish and meat won't keep on very hot days;
把這些文件給我起來 please file these papers for me.
(2)  To postpone, shelve, delay, put aside: 事還沒辦完,怎麼能得下呢 how can you put it aside, as it isn't finished yet? [ge1zhi4], [ge1qian3], [ge1bi3]↓;
to delay;
Words1.筆 [ge1bi3], v.i., (of writers) stop writing either temporarily or for good (lit., “put down the pen”). 
2.淺 [ge1qian3], v.i., (of ships) run aground, (fig.) held up by some obstacle. 
3.置 [ge1zhi4], v.t., to put in place, put off.