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ㄐㄩˇ [jU3. [Pop.of 90.00; abbr. ]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NAn act, action, move, deed: [jU3dong4], [jU3zhi3], [jU3cuo4]↓;
多此一 the action (measure, step) just taken was really unnecessary;
兩得 kill two birds with one stone;
a good deed;
a philanthropic move a patriotic move;
this action (step, move).
V(1)  Lift, raise, hold up: [jU3shou3]↓;
杯 raise the cup to drink to s.o.’s health;
槍 to present arms;
起 hold up, lift;
[jU3zhong4], [jU3zhong3]↓;
案齊眉 (allu.) not to forget courtesy between husband and wife;
棋不定 shilly-shally;
足輕重 to play a decisive role, carry weight;
頭 raise one's head;
目無親 be stranded in a foreign land, far away from one's kin.
(2)  Start, initiate, begin, undertake: [jU3ban4], [jU3xing2], [jU3bing1], [jU3shi4], [jU3yi4]↓.
(3)  Nominate, recommend: [jU3jian4]↓;
select (person), elect, -tion.
(4)  Praise, laud: 稱 sing the praises of, speak highly of.
(5)  Give birth to: [jU3zi3]↓;
一女 give birth to a girl;
(of woman)barren, sterile, (of man) impotent.
(6)  Propose, suggest, offer put forward: [jU3fa1], [jU3chu1]↓;
一反三 learning by analogy, (student) think for himself;
證 offer as proof (evidence);
denounce, expose, indict.
AdjAll, every one of: 國 the whole country;
家 the entire family;
世 all the world;
座 every one of the audience.
Words1.哀 [jU3ai1], v.i. & n., wailing during funeral service. 
2.辦 [jU3ban4], v.t., initiate, undertake, found, sponsor. 
3.兵 [jU3bing1], v.i., raise an army to fight. 
4.步 [jU3bu4](1)  v.i., take a stride forward; (2)  n., a person's gait. 
5.出 [jU3chu1], v.t., enumerate, itemize, cite (as example). 
6.動 [jU3dong4], n., an act, action, a move, activity: 一一動 every move; 
7.動兒 [juyydong1er0], n., (euphem.) s.t. going on. 
8.發 [jU3fa1], v.t., expose (the guilt, wrongdoing) of (s.o.); accuse publicly or at court. 
9.凡 [jU3fan2], adv., all without exception. 
10.火 [jU3huo3], v.i., (make fire to) cook food. 
11.證 [jU3zheng4], n., give proof, evidence: 證責任 burden of proof. 
12.架 [jU3jia4], n., the altitude of a building. 
13.薦 [jU3jian4], v.t., recommend (person) for service. 
14.重 [jU3zhong4](1)  v.i., to lift weights; (2)  n., weightlifting. 
15.踵 [jU2zhong3], v.i., to stand on tiptoe in an anticipatory mood. 
16.止 [jU2zhi3], n., behavior, conduct. 
17.例 [jU3li4](1)  v.i., to give examples; (2)  n., an example or illustration. 
18.人 [jU3ren2], n., formerly, successful candidates of provincial examinations. 
19.行 [jU3xing2], v.t., hold (a meeting, discussion, ceremony), begin (to do). 
20.手 [jU3shou3], v.i., raise hands, to vote by a show of hands. 
21.事 [jU3shi4], v.i., raise the standard of revolt, see [jU3yi4]↓. 
22.措 [jU3cuo4], n., an act, action, any measure taken. 
23.子 [jU2zi3](1)  v.i., given birth to a son; (2)  bring up a baby; (3)  n., see [jU3ren2]↑. 
24.業 [jU3ye4], n., formerly, literary studies pursued by would be candidates of government examinations. 
25.義 [jU3yi4], v.i., raise the standard of revolt against a tyrant (an unpopular government). 

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ㄐㄩˇ [jU3. [Pop.of 90.00; abbr. ]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect