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ㄗㄠ [zao1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NDregs: [zao1po4]↓;
fermented grain mash used for sauce or seasoning;
紅(白) such mash with (without) coloring.
V(1)  To pickle: 發麵兒 dough fermented with yeast and made from glutinous rice;
魚,肉 fish, meat treated with fermented grain mash;
豆腐 pickled bean curd;
鼻子 a drunkard's nose.
(2)  To waste, spoil, destroy: [zao1ta0], [zao1jian0], [zao1hui3]↓;
Adj(1)  Ruined, spoiled: 了 (of things) be made a mess, in terrible shape;
透了 what a mess! too bad! completely ruined;
不可言 in an indescribable mess.
(2)  Rotten, decayed: 爛 decomposed, putrid;
朽 decayed, crumbled, disintegrated;
這些木板了 these planks are worn down.
AdvIn a state of confusion: 亂七八 at sixes and sevens, topsy-turvy, messy, chaotic;
的 untidy, disordered, out of joint.
Words1.錢兒 [zao1qia2er0], n., filthy lucre. 
2.糕 [zao1gao1], adj., in a terrible mess, awful, unfortunate. 
3.毀 [zao1hui3], v.t., to damage by rough treatment. 
4.踐 [zao1jian0], v.t., to trample upon. 
5.糠 [zao1kang1], n., (1)  coarse food (of the poor); (2)  the woman married to a man before he became prosperous: 糠之妻 such a wife. 
6.粕 [cao1po4], n., (1)  (distilling) leftover grains; (2)  anything worthless or unwanted, dregs (opp. 精華 essence, quintessence). 
7.擾 [zao1rao3], phr., thanks for your hospitality!. 
8.心 [zao1xin1], adj., (1)  irritating, disagreeable; (2)  =[zao1gao1]↑. 
9.蹋 [zao1ta0], v.t., (1)  to spoil, ruin; (2)  to insult.