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ㄅㄞˇ [bai3]. [Pop. ; cogn. ㄆㄞˊ [pai2Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NPendulum, esp. 鐘 clock pendulum.
V(1)  To shake, wag: 手 shake hand, head as signal;
尾巴 wag tail.
(2)  Shake off, shake loose: 不開 cannot shake off business in hand;
撥常務 get away from routine business.
(3)  Jostle, shake up, manipulate: [bai3bu4], [bai3long4]↓.
(4)  Arrange, set in order, esp. table, etc: 列 arrange in order;
陣 (mil.) fall in, deploy in formations;
龍門陣 (Szechuan coll.) make leisurely conversation;
飯 set table;
酒 give dinner to honor s.o.;
請兒 (coll.) give dinner to settle disputes;
台 set table for Western style dinner;
供 set up sacrifices at altar;
設兒 [bai1she0er0], n., display (of art objects), interior decorations.
(5)  Set up for show: 樣子,場面 just show off;
(空)架子 pose for effect, put up airs, be stuck up, arrogant;
譜兒 try to appear rich and elegant, try to impress.
Words1.佈 [bai3bu4], v.t., manage s.o., put s.o. in place, manhandle or dispose of s.o. at will. 
2.搭 [bai3da0], v.i., swing, rock. 
3.渡 [bai3du4], n., ferry, ferry boat. 
4.針(兒) [bai3zhen1] ([bai3zhe1er0]), n., pointer as in scales; pendulum. 
5.開 [bai3kai1], v.t., put (affairs) on the side. 
6.弄 [bai3long4], v.t., as in 弄(人家) trick, persecute or play with s.o.; palpitate: 此藥吃下去,心中弄 heart palpitates after taking this medicine. 
7.忙 [bai3mang2], v.i., bustle about, be foolishly busy: 你安靜一會兒罷,別忙了. 
8.脫 [bai1tuo1], v.i. & t., get rid of, get away from (duties, pressure, etc.).