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ㄈㄥ [feng1. [Pop. 10.10, which has also separate meanings]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Name of a trigram in 八卦 [ba1gua4], 80.80. [WEdit: Should read "Name of a hexagram in The Book of Changes"]
(2)  A surname.
AdjAbundant, plentiful, full, solid: 衣足食 dress and feed well;
rich (harvest): 收,登,稔 good harvest;
年 year of good crops, also years of youth;
round and healthy: 潤 good, healthy complexion;
肌 plump;
腴 plump, well-fed.
Words1.富 [feng1fu4], adj., rich (wealth, material things); vigorous (energy). 
2.厚 [feng1hou4], adj., rich, plentiful (dinner, financial strength). 
3.滿 [feng1man3], adj., plentiful; (ladies’ figure) full and round. 
4.盛 [feng1sheng4], n. & adj., plenty, -teous, prosperous, -ity (of dinner, vegetation, products). 
5.足 [feng1zu2], adj. & n., adequate, sufficient, -cy 
6.盈 [feng1ying2], adj., plump and full (face, body); full (granary).