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ㄓㄨㄢˇ [zhuan3 (*ㄓㄨㄢˋ [zhuan4).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To turn round, to revolve: 旋 revolve: 地球旋 the earth revolves;
round and round: 輾送到 (a letter) is delivered after passing through several hands;
圈 make circle;
(2)  To change direction, alter condition: 向左 turn left;
變, 移, [zhuan3bian4], [zhuan3yi2], [zhuan3xiang1]↓;
上,出,進 send up, out, in;
去 send s.t. off;
心意,回心意 change one's mind;
危為安 carry over the crisis;
敗為勝 turn defeat into victory: 禍為福 turn bad luck into a blessing;
隨風舵 change course of action according to the wind--“see which way the wind blows.”
(3)  To transfer, pass on: [zhuan3yUn4]↓;
賣,[zhuan3mai4], [zhuan3rang4]↓;
AdvUsed freely before another vb., in sense “on,” “round”: 交,達,致,遞,送 please forward (letter);
告 please tell the other party;
飭 please give order to subordinate (department);
see juaanxiang1↓;
Words1.背 [zhuan3bei4], adv., as soon as one turns one's back. 
2.變 [zhuan3bian4], n. & v.i., a change for the better or worse (political situation, patient's condition, etc.), to change (direction, plan). 
3.播 [zhuan3bo4], n. & v.t., relay (broadcast). 
4.補 [zhuan3bu3], v.t., to transfer (official post). 
5.道 [zhuan3dao4], n., formerly, official route of shipping of food. 
6.動 [zhuan3dong4], v.i., (1)  (of machine) to revolve; (2)  to turn about (bodily); 不能動 cannot turn or move about. 
7.轂 [zhuan2gu3], n. & v.i., formerly, land transport. 
8.化 [zhuan3hua4], n. & v.i., change in gen.; react chemically. 
9.圜 [zhuan3huan2], v.i., (1)  to go around; (2)  to save situation by going about or speaking to s.o. 
10.折 [zhuan3zhe2], v.i. & n., (have) turn of road, plot or events; 折點 [zhuan3zhe2dian3], n., turning point. 
11.機 [zhuan3ji1], n., a change for the better (patient's condition, any deplorable condition). 
12.嫁 [zhuan3jia4], v.i. & t., (1)  to remarry; (2)  嫁租稅 to shift tax burden, as from taxpayer to consumer. 
13.燭 [zhuan3zhu2], phr., 萬事如燭 (MC) events change kaleidoscopically. 
14.捩點 [zhuan3li4dian3], n., critical point. 
15.錄 [zhuan3lu4], n. & v.t., reprint. 
16.賣 [zhuan3mai4], v.t., to sell to third party. 
17.面子 [zhuan3mian4zi0], phr., recover one's “face.” 
18.磨 *[zhuan4mo2], v.i., feel lost, confused (“mill around”). 
19.念 [zhuan3nian4], adv., as in 念間 in a short while, before you know it. 
20.盼 [zhuan3pan4], v.i., (1)  ditto; (2)  cast side glances. 
21.蓬 [zhuan3peng2], phr., to float about in a shiftless way, like a leaf blown about. 
22.讓 [zhuan3rang4], v.t. & n., to sell out(shop, house) to next buyer; to transfer; such transfer. 
23.生 [zhuan3sheng1], v.i., to be born in next incarnation (as dog, donkey, another human being, etc.). 
24.向 [zhuan3xiang4] (*[zhuan4xiang4]), v.i., to change directions. 
25.相 [zhuan3xiang1], adv., each other by turn: 相仿效 copy each other; 相警告 warn each other in turn. 
26.徙 [zhuan2xi3], v.i., to migrate, resettle in new place. 
27.心 *[zhuan4xin1], v.i., to change one's mind or attitude. 
28.手 [zhuan2shou3](1)  V.i., to pass on to another; (2)  adv., in a moment: 手成空 lose all quickly; adv., 手變卦 change one's mind in a short moment. 
29.瞬 [zhuan3shun4], adv., in the twinkling of an eye, quickly. 
30.世 [zhuan3shi4], v.i., see [zhuan3sheng1]↑. 
31.學 [zhuan3xUe2], v.i., to transfer to another school. 
32.漕 [zhuan3cao2], v.i., formerly, be in charge of canal transport. 
33.側 [zhuan3ce4](1)  v.i., toss about in bed; (2)  adv., before you turn your back. 
34.託 [zhuan3tuo1], v.i., to request through a third person. 
35.彎 [zhuan3wan1], (coll. *[zhuan4wan1]), v.i., to turn a corner (of road) (also 彎兒 [zhuan4wa1er0]) to turn (right, left): 個彎兒 make a turn; v.i., 彎抹角 or 彎子 beat about the bush, deviously; 不要彎子罵人 don't make oblique remarks. 
36.眼 [zhuan3yan3], adv., in the twinkling of an eye. 
37.移 [zhuan3yi2], v.i., to change, shift (direction, plan); n., what hinges upon. 
38.運 [zhuan3yUn4], v.i. & n., transport, -tation, forwarding; 運公司 transport company.