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ㄓˊ [zhi2.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NA throw: 千金一 a thousand dollars at a throw (of dice);
孤注一 stake everything on it.
VTo throw (ball, spear, dice, rock, etc.): 下,去 throw away;
還 (court. in letter) please return (borrowed book, etc.);
中 ([zhi2zhong4]) hit by throwing;
鐵球 put the shot 鐵鉼 throw the discus;
標槍 throw javelin.
Words1.老羊 [zhi2lao3yang2], phr., a dice game. 
2.骰子 [zhi2shai3zi0], phr., to throw dice (also wr. 色子). 
3.棱 [zhi2suo1], phr., a passing of loom shuttle, (fig.) the quick passing of time. 
4.采 [zhi2cai3], phr., see [zhi2shai3zi0]