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ㄨㄣˇ [wen3. [Dist. 32A.72]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
AdjStable, steady, safe: 當,[wen3dang0], [wen3ding4]↓;
not reliable;
拿不 cannot be sure;
十拿九 ninety percent sure.
AdvSurely: 贏,輸 sure to win, to lose.
Words1.便 [wen3bian4], adj., convenient and reliable (way). 
2.當 [wen3dang0], adj., safe, reliable (plan, deposit, etc.). 
3.定 [wen3ding4], adj., stable (government, prices). 
4.固 [wen3gu4], adj., strong (foundation); strongly fortified. 
5.健 [wen3jian4], adj., solid, healthy (finance, health). 
6.住 [wen3zhu0], v.t., to keep back, hold ready (elements for attack). 
7.重 [wen3zhong4], adj., steady (person), not flighty. 
8.婆 [wen3po2], n., (1)  midwife; (2)  formerly, woman officer for examining women's corpses or prisoners. 
9.下 [wen3xia4], v.t., see [wen3zhu0]↑. 
10.帖 [wen3tie1], adj., see [wen3dang0]↑. 
11.妥 [wen2tuo3], adj., see [wen3dang0]↑.