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ㄆㄢ [pan1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To climb: 鞍上馬 mount a horse, (lit.) mount by clasping saddle;
附 (權貴) attach onseslf to (persons in power) as a means of securing promotion;
龍附鳳 (LL) attach oneself to dragon and phoenix, with similar meaning;
高親 to marry into rich, well-known family;
try to make friends with those higher-up;
不上 dare not, be unworthy to seek connections with (persons);
桂 (LL) formerly, to succeed in civil examinations (“win the laurel”);
花折柳 phr., to philander.
(2)  To implicate (accomplice) at court by accused: 他一口 make such statements, also 供.
Words1.纏 [pan1chan2], v.t., to keep annoying by inappropriate talk, request. 
2.親 [pan1qin1], v.i., to betroth, discuss betrothal. 
3.登 [pan1deng1], v.i., climb up. 
4.析 [pan1zhe2], v.t., break branches: 不准折 do not pick flowers, break branches. 
5.緣 [pan1yUan2]1, v.i., (Budd.) be distracted by material world, like monkeys swinging from branch to branch. 
6.援 [pan1yUan2]2, n., seek help from those on top. 
7.輿 [pan1yU2], v.i., to surround carriage of departing magistrate in affectionate farewell.