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ㄆㄧㄠ [piao1. [Var. ]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NHurricane, gale.
V(1)  To blow about: 隨風舞 whirl about in the wind;
葉落 the wind blows and the leaves fall to the ground.
(2)  Drift about (in this sense used like 漂, as 泊,流,泛, see 漂63A.01).
AdjSee [piao1piao1], [piao1ran2]↓.
Words1.布 [piao1bu4], n., cotton badge of membership in former secret societies. 
2.帶(兒) piao1daug ([piao1da4er0]), n., streamers. 
3.高 [piao1gao1], v.i., fall from a height (of workman). 
4.忽 [piao1hu1], adj., passing like a wind (of time, events). 
5.疾 [piao1ji2], adj., swift (wind), also (fig.) of s.t. passing swiftly (疾而逝). 
6.舉 [piao1zhu3], v.i., soar aloft. 
7.零 [piao1ling2], adj., lonely and adrift (of person): 零無依 friendless, also 落,蓬. 
8.眇 [piao1miao3], adj., lingering softly (of music); elusive, difficult to discern. 
9. [piao1piao1], adj., (of person's character, ambition) lofty. 
10.然 [piao1ran2], adj., ditto: 然欲仙 walking on clouds almost like a fairy. 
11.蕭 [piao1xiao1], adj., (MC) adrift. 
12.字(兒) [piao1zi4] ([piao1ze4er0]), v.t., (of opera singer) unprecise in enunciation. 
13.揚 [piao1yang2], v.i., flutter in the wind (of flag). 
14.搖 [piao1yao2], v.i., drift about.